Epoxy Types

The biggest benefit of having a flake floor in your garage is the cleanup! When cleaning your garage floor all you will need is a mop and a little bit of water. This type of flooring system is high end quality due to its durability and resistance to damage such as cracks and scratches. It will withstand all four seasons. We use 100% solid epoxy with your choice of flake colors to find the perfect match for your floor.

Metallic floors are another type of a high end floor. This type of floor is perfect for basements, bathrooms, offices, and dealership showrooms. Every metallic floor is custom made to your preferences making your floor one of a kind!

A solid color floor is typically found in laundry rooms, bathrooms, basements or any type of showroom or warehouse. This type of floor is very easy to clean and take care of making it a perfect choice for a simple yet elegant look.